Who Are P & M Photography?

And what do we do?

P & M Photography are an established professional Photography Company based in Caerleon just outside Newport, Gwent, South East Wales, UK. We provide professional commercial photography services including 360 Photography, Product Photography and 360 degree Virtual Photography Tours for Newport, Wales & UK Businesses including many who sell via online retail stores and E-commerce Shops. Although the business was started primarily as a school photography business over eight years ago, things have moved on a lot since then. We've been doing commercial photography almost from the time the business began.

Product Photography

The fun of product photography

Over the years we've photographed many different types of products, from pens & pencils through to three piece suites. What we love about product photography is every product is different, before you can photograph any product you have to solve the problems of how to light it.nnThis bicycle was gifted to a charity shop, and by all accounts was worth over £1000. I loved photographing this, but then again I love photographing all products.


This is the perfect example of why we do product photography. White products photographed on a white background, never the easiest thing to do and it test all your skills as a photographer. nnI've known many photographers who think product photography is easy, until they try photographing something like this, the ultimate test of a product photographer.nnLike all photography this is about lighting and knowing the tricks of the trade.nn

360 Degree Product Photography

The best way of displaying a product

The London Sofa Company

This is where 360 degree product photography started for me. In 2010 I was approached by a company interested in having the sofas photographed, during the initial meeting it became obvious that they were not after the usual product photography. nnWhat they where after was 360 degree product photography for their sofas, I didn't have a clue how to do 360 photography so I explained I would not be able to help them. But the meeting went so well and they liked the work I did so they asked me if I would be interested in developing this photography with them. I'm always up for a challenge and so my adventure into 360 photography began, and I haven't looked back since.nnTo see examples of my 360 degree product photography take a look at the relevant page on this site.

360 Degree Virtual Tours

What better way of displaying any property

360 Virtual tours

Now we bring the business up to date. After a few years doing the 360 degree product photography, I was getting so many enquiries about 360 degree virtual tours it was only a matter of time before I offered this service.nnThe image opposite is a 360 degree image, yes it does look a little strange but it's the starting image for a 360 degree tour. it's not an image you would generally use as it is but when viewed as a tour it allows you to see a complete room as a virtual tour.nnI can't think of any premises this would not be suitable for, Hotels, Restaurants, holiday homes, offices and even children's day nurseries, all these premises are places I've done tours of, and soon we will be doing tours of an outdoor activity centre.

360 Degree Training Aid

This is the latest service we offer

Online Training aid

This is the newest service we offer. This is an aid to online training, this is proving very popular with Health & Safety Training companies.nnThe basic idea is to setup various hazards at a premises or outdoor area, we then photograph the premises and create a virtual tour. The company can then use the tour and get their staff to try and locate the potential hazards. If they find a hazard the click on the area and up pops additional information. The additional information could be in the form of a text box, an image or even a link to a separate website.

Giving the customer what they want

Above are a small sample of the services we offer, and are the areas in which our expertise lies. If you are interested in any type of photography then don't hesitate to contact us, we have been in the photographic industry for many years and have links with many fine photographers, so if we cannot offer you the services you require we will be happy to recommend fellow trusted photographers.

Although we are based in South Wales our clients are spread across the breadth of the country, be they clients using our product photography or 360 product photography, or even our virtual tours clients. We are always happy to travel to any destination to meet our clients needs.

Although we do not offer these services ourselves we have a good working relationship with trusted photographers who offer specialist services such as Aerial photography and food photography. So for all your photographic needs don't hesitate to contact us.