Benefits with Virtual tours

Benefits with virtual tours

Benefits with virtual tours

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Time saving benefits

Saving time may not be something you think of as one of the benefits with virtual tours but if I can use the example of one of my clients.  I have a client who owns a children’s day nursery, in the past when a parent was considering using the nursery for their children the first step was to book an appointment to view the premises, a natural enough thing to do if you are thinking of putting your children there.  The problem is that means freeing up a member of staff to give the parents a tours of the facilities.  All this changed when they decided to commission virtual tours of the building, now one of the benefits of using virtual tours is that parents now view the tours online and can see all the facilities on offer, parents now rarely make an appointment to view the nursery, they are happy that they can see everything online.  This has had the effect of reducing the amount of hours staff need to be released to show parents around.  This is one of the great benefits with virtual tours.   If you would like to see the tours of the nursery use this link Treforest day nursery

Put clients at ease

Imaging a new client coming to see you for the first time, how much better would they feel if they know exactly how to enter the building, where the reception is the rest room and maybe even the canteen.  another great benefit with virtual tours is to familiarize people with your premises, be it an office a holiday cottage or even outdoor spaces.

These are just two of the benefits with virtual tours, if you would like to know how virtual tours could benefit you then please give me a ring, I’m always happy to talk about your specific needs.

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