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Interactive Tour

What are interactive tours?

Interactive tours are a collection of still images stitched together to create one large image, this is then turned into an interactive animation.  Click the image above to see a sample of the about interactive tour.

The image above is a complete 360 degree image of this meeting room, although the image looks rather strange when seeing it as you do above, when viewed as an interactive tour it all makes much more sense.

The best way to think of an interactive tour, think of it as a video but a video that the viewer is in control of, the view gets to decide what they view.  You can scroll right, left, up or down and even zoom in, you don’t get that sort of control with a video.

Who would use an interactive tour?

Interactive tours can be used by a variety of people and in various ways.  Much of my work is done with holiday companies and owners of holiday homes.  Although my clients also include schools, offices, gyms and childrens day nurseries.  It is a fantastic way of advertising any kind of premises, including outdoor spaces.  The more a client or potential client can get the view, the more confident they are about booking your premises, so by having an interactive tour you are saying to people you have nothing to hide.  More and more people are now looking for virtual tours before they book any kind of premises, so it really does pay to advertise your premises using interactive tours.  And the more tours you have done the more cost effective it becomes.

If you would like to see how an interactive tour could help your business, then please feel free to contact me.  I would be happy to supply a no obligation quote.


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