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To all the Photo Editing Companies

Photo Editing

I have no doubt that the photo editing services you supply are second to none.  Your photo editing is I’m sure done at an amazing cost.  I would cast no doubt on your professionalism or on the quality of your workmanship.  And even though you guarantee the lightning speed of your service you should bear the following in mind before contacting me for photo editing work.

I am a Photographer

I am paid by my clients to take photographs of their products, premises or even themselves.  Included in that price is for me to do all the photo editing, and to edit those photos in a professional way.  I am a photographer and as such I carry out all the duties associated with that profession, including photo editing.

Would a Baker mix the ingredients of his price winning cake and then give the mixture to someone else to bake?

Would an Electrician wire a house and then leave it for the home owner to connect the house to the mains?

Would a Carpenter fit a kitchen and then get the next door neighbor to fit the kitchen worktops?

I’m a photographer.  I’m in charge of lighting, I’m responsible for the arranging of my subjects, I bear full responsibility for my work, and should anything go wrong I accept full responsibility for that error, and I will correct that error and my expense.  My daily work includes photo editing for which I also accept full responsibility.

And so I thank you all for continually contacting me to offer your excellent services, and for offering to help lighten my daily workload by removing the need for me to carry out any photo editing work.  But sadly I must decline your generous offer.

Instead I suggest you embrace the beauty of photography, buy a camera and get out from behind your desks, go forth into this beautiful world and take those lasting memories.  Don’t just look at other peoples work go forth and take your camera and capture the world in all its glory.

Become the complete package, take the photos, edit the photos and become one with photography.


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