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What is 360 Product Photography?

This is the art of taking a series of images, then stitching them together into a 360 degree animation. If you are selling products online this is the next best thing to a client actually holding the item. Any potential client will be able to completely examine the product online, hence the client gets a better idea of what the product is like compared to standard photography.

Shoe Phone

I love products like this, a simple product but the 360 photography combined with the added sparkle on the keys really make a lovely image. This particular image was not done to sell the product, it was actually a company logo, so this animation is now used on their website as a logo.

Pocket Watch

360 product photography was made for watches, the only thing more suited to a 360 animations is probably shoes. I love watches and this is one of my favourite watches. Not the easiest of products to photograph, but that's why I love product photography, there's always a problem you have to solve before you can start the photography.

Sparkly Shoe

What better subject for 360 product photography? This gorgeous shoe on a black acrylic base is a dream to photograph. I must admit the sparkle was added later, but it really does finish off the animation.


This is a company that bought into 360 product photography as soon as they seen it. Initially they approached me to do standard product photography, I suggested doing 360 product photography. When they seen the first sample bag that I did for them they commissioned me to do all their product photography as 360 interactive animations.
This is by far the hardest series of product animations I've ever done. Because the crystals reflect the light it's extremely difficult to get even one standard shot of the crystal. To do 36 images at all angles is quite a task, but again what better way to display this product.

Cricket Glove Animation

Probably the most difficult 360 product shoot I have ever done, doing the rotation is just the same as any other product, but I also needed to have the fingers move.  As the glove needed to be stood upright with the bottom of the glove flat on the turntable it did cause quite a few issues.

Pen Animation

As a 360 product animation this is a little different. Not just a simple rotation but for this we had to have the two halves desperate while the pen rotates. This was a little difficult but this is the sort of challenge I enjoy doing.

European Cup Winners

Initially this was done as a bit of fun for a presentation I had to do. But it does emphasize what you can do with 360 product photography. The popups as you rotate the mug display the results from each round of the tournament when they won the Cup Winners Cup.

London Sofa Company

This is were my 360 product photography started. Although I been doing product photography for some time, before this company approached me I had never done 360 product photography. This was a new company who were looking to have all their sofas photographed using 360 photography. After an initial meeting they asked if I would like to develop the 360 photography with them. Initially we started with around 40 sofas, but have done quite a few more since then. So if it wasn't for The London Sofa Company I may never have got into 360 product photography. If you want to see more samples of these sofa animations take a look at their website The London Sofa Company