Product Photography

Good product photography is vital if you are selling products online, below are some of my regular clients who have seen the benefit.

Vivino Wines

Spanish Wine Specialists

Quote from ViVino

ViVino Wines is a niche Spanish wine importer. Our passion is bringing interesting high quality wines to the UK. We love to support talented winemakers who create fabulous wines in small volumes. Spain has a rich and fascinating wine map. ViVino brings a splash of it to the uk. Check their website Vivino

The Joy of Product Photography

People always think that product photography is easy? Well if you take a look at the wine bottle above maybe you will understand why product photography is not so easy. Photographing wine bottle or anything else reflective gives you all sorts of problems, for starters you have to avoid getting your reflection in the object. When you start photographing the product you also have problems with how the light is going to bounce off the reflective surface. But it's because of these problems that we love product photography. Product photography is all about solving problems, and we love solving problems. So if you have products you need photographing just give our product photography a try.


Quality handmade Leather handbags


Product photography

Realising the impact good photography makes

Brit - Stitch
This is a local company that really understand the difference that good product photography can make. The company makes high quality leather handbags and having quality product photography makes the difference between selling your products or not.
We have now done over 90 handbags for this company and most of these have been done using 360 degree product photography. A great company with a great product realising what the difference having professional product photography done makes.

Why use a professional photographer

Having professional product photography done can make the difference between selling your products online, or not. When people are looking for product to buy they never see bad product photography, they see bad products. Spending a little extra money on getting proper product photography done can make a huge difference to how many products you sell. We can accommodate product photography of all sizes, we work with clients who deal in pens and pencils through to furniture suppliers. We offer a personal service and would be happy to quote on any work you require.