Property Photography

Property Photography

Good property photography really does make a difference.  One of the main users of property photography is estate agents, and sadly most estate agents do not use professional photographers.  I do realize that using a professional photographer for your property photography adds extra cost to the advertising budget, but it can make the difference between selling or not selling your property.

Which property looks best?

Below are a series of images taken in the same room but with very different results.

Property Photography image 1

You can see from the image above there are a number of things that could be improved, for any property photography this would not be the best image to be displayed.  The problem many estate agents have is they photograph property with a simple point and click camera, this means they have little control of the camera settings, so very often if there’s a window in the photograph the camera exposes for the light in the window, this results in the window being exposed nicely so you can see out of the window but the room is quite dark.

Property Photography image 2

The above image has been improved by photographing the room at waist height giving a more pleasing image, although the image is exposed slightly better the room is still a little dark and can be improved more for use in property photography.

Property Photography Image 3

Image 3 above is a much lighter image and gives a better idea of what the room is actually like, the problem now is the window is so light you can’t see outside, from the point of view of property photography it’s much better that the images above but can still be improved.

Property Photography Image 4

The last image is a combination of image 3 and image 2.  The room is exposed quite nicely so it’s light and bright, but by taking the window part of image 2 and placing in the final image you can now also see out of the window.

Having good property photography can make a difference, especially if you are looking to sell your property.  Doesn’t the room look so much different between image 1 and image 4 having good property photography can help sell your house.

Could the final image be improved further, yes but you have to consider what the owners will allow, you can advice people but in the end you can only move things around so much.

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