Silver Product Photography

Silver Product Photography

Silver product photography


Silver product photography can be great with reflections.  The image above is photographed on a white acrylic base great for reflections when working with any product photography but especially good when working with silver product photography.  I use both black and white acrylic bases and for silver product photography I would prefer to use a black base and background, but these days most customers would prefer using white.


One problem that you can come across when doing silver product photography is you can get a colour cast on the images, there are a number of way of solving this problem but the easiest by far is to turn the image to black and white.  provided there are no colours on the product that will solve the issue of colour casts and produce a lovely clean silver image.  The image above was photographed in colour and then turned to black and white giving a nice clean silver image.

Product Photography

Good product photography can make the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.  If the photography on a site is not up to scratch then people don’t see bad photography they see bad products.  It is always cost effective to get decent images of your products to put on your site.  There has been many instances were people have bought a product from a more expensive site just because the image looked better quality.

We are based in Newport South Wales and we would be happy to quote for any product photography work, be it stand photography or 360 degree product photography.  We photograph a wide range of products from pens to sofas so feel free to give us a call for a quote.  You can send us your products or we can arrange to come to you and photograph your products onsite whichever is more convenient for you.


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