suspended 360 product animation

Phone Cover

There are different levels of 360 product photography, one form is suspended 360 product animations, by that I mean photographing any product that cannot stand alone without being supported.  The Phone cover below is an example of a suspended 360 product animation, if you click on the image is will load the phone cover animation.

Suspended 360 product animationBecause of the design of the phone cover it could not stand on it’s own.  so it had to be suspended in some way.  For this particular product there was no great problem, it was quite easy to use a small piece of blue tak and stick the cover to that, then it was just a case of edited this out later.  For something like a bicycle if you were doing a suspended 360 animation of that it would be necessary to suspend the bicycle upside down.  Once all the images were taken it’s quite an easy task to rotate the images.

Turntable for suspended 360 product animations

Now with any 360 product animation you obviously have to use a turntable, the turntable would be marked out in 36 sections and you would take one image, rotate the turntable and take another image at the next section, but how can you do this if the product is suspended in the air?

The simplest trick is to bolt the turntable to the ceiling (Best not to use a room in the house for that).  So if you have a workshop and you want to do large objects for suspended 360 product animations, then first bolt the turntable to the ceiling, then suspend the product from the turntable, then as you turn the turntable the product will turn.  It’s then just a case of waiting for the product to stop rotating and take the photo.  Once you have all 36 images you can then just flip the images, edit out the background and your images are ready for the final steps to create your suspended 360 product animation.

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