Virtual tour images

Virtual tour images

Virtual tour images or 360 degree images are quite a strange looking image, they are the starting point when creating a 360 degree virtual tour.  Although I think these images look great as banner adds they can also be used for other purposes.

Virtual tour images

The image above is a virtual tour image, this is an image used for a virtual tour of a wetroom. The client I did this tour for wanted to use the image as a wrap around image on his works van.  The idea being to get attention, he wanted to get that wow factor when people seen his van.

Because this image is so different it took a little bit of work to find a printer who was happy to attempt to print this virtual tour image onto the van.  But when the vehicle was done it had the desired effect.  People were stopping him in the street asking if they could take photos of the van.

The Wetroom its self is an amazing room, this was constructed in an upstairs room of the house, and the finish and workmanship is truly fantastic.  Having any professional photography done is never the cheapest option, and if you are paying to have photography done you want to get the most for your money.  Using the virtual tour image not just for the virtual tour but also for a banner add and for a vehicle wrap around means you get three different uses for the price of one.


You can see from the images above the virtual tour image wrapped around the vehicle really does look great.  This will undoubtedly get the client notices and more importantly remembered, which in turn should lead to additional work.  Combine this with the virtual tour for the website and a good days work done all round.

If you want to see what else this builder can do for you click on the van image to view their website.

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