Where’s the Tripod?

Where’s the Tripod

To remove or just cover up the tripod that is the question.  Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the inadequacies of lesser skilled individuals, or to take arms, mouse and photoshop to do the job as it should have been done in the first place.

Apologies for misquoting Shakespeare but his words are far better than mine even with the alterations.  I like many others specialise in 360 degree photography, and one question we all have to face at some point is what do we do with the tripod.

Remove or cover up?

When you photography a room or any space using 360 photography you are inevitable left with the tripod stuck in the photograph.   And so you must make one  of three decisions.

  1. Should I cover up the tripod?
  2. Should I remove the tripod?
  3. Or as unfortunately I’ve seen in the past, should I just pretend it’s not there?

For me the decision is quite easy, with the skill that has been practised over many years I will remove the Tripod, surely there is no other option?  The image below may look rather strange but this is effectively a room turned inside out, by doing this the task of removing the Tripod becomes quite easy.  This means when the virtual tour is completed you can see no sign of were the Tripod was or even if there ever was one.

Tripod removed


But of course there are apparently other options, we could simply cover up were the Tripod was and hope nobody notices.  As you can see below the two images are identical?  Provided of course you forget about the white blob in the middle of the image.

Tripod Covered


The last option is obviously to just leave the Tripod in the picture and hope nobody notices.  This concept is so alien to me I’m not even going to show an example of it.  Needless to say unfortunately some people choose this option.

There are even more options than I have listed above, but these I find even more unworthy of being mentioned.  But what difference I hear you ask?

  1. Would you rent out a holiday home with dirty bedsheets?
  2. Would you serve a meal on cracked plates?
  3. Would you ask a guest to sit on a chair if the chair leg was broken?

Small things perhaps, but small details that cost you sales and returning customers.

To see the above completed tour, without tripod click the image below.

No Tripod


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